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We advocate the mutual development of the enterprise and individuals.
Mengde think that the enterprise and the employees are mutual-dependent partners. We argue that elevating the quality of employees is the precondition of boosting the quality of the enterprise. Also, the development of individuals is the engine of spanking the progress of the enterprise. Encouraging and assisting the self-development of the employees to make them get somewhere is a crucial component of our work.

We promise the work standard and life quality of our employees will be promoted incessantly.
Mengde acknowledges and respects the individual benefits of employees. We are willing to share the profits with employees through the success of enterprise. We will invest to ameliorate the condition of employees and go all out to enrich their spare time.

Persistent to innovation,
seek execellent
Low0carbon production,
environment-friendy operation,
respect for nature and human being
Be a true man before being successful,
intransigent victory relies on intelligence,
permanent sucess depends on good morals

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