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SP Bis-(sodium sulfopropyl)-disulfide
Molecular formula C6H12O6S4Na2
Molecular weight 354.4
CAS NO. 27206-35-5
Appearance White or yellowish powder
Concentration in baths 0.01-0.02g/L
Consumption 0.5-0.8g/KAH
Molecular structure  
1. SP serves as grain refiner in acid copper baths.
2. SP will have distinct effects in conjunction with M, N, PN, GISS or AESS.
3. Too low concentration of SP in baths will course the loss of brightness and HCD roughness and burning; Too high
    concentration of SP in baths will result to hazy plating layer, and it may have negative effects on LCD area. This could be
    solved by adding a small amount of N or by electrolysis
Package and Storage
Package 250g plastic bottle, 1000g plastic sealing bag, 10kg/25kg carton
Storage Non-dangerous articles, be stored at cool and dry place