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1,3-PS 1,3-PS

1,3-PS is mainly used in chemical combining the substance that contains 1,3-Propanesultone. It has high purity and produces few side products. Typical examples are electroplating intermediates such as SP, BSP, TPS, MPS and PPS. The high-concentration 1,3-PS which contains less than 200ppm moisture could be used as additive in lithium cell electrolyzing liquid to ameliorate the life-span and safety of the cells.

MDG polyethyleneimine serial products are the key advanced products of our company. Not only is MDG quite active, but also its positive ion is highly dense. Its illustrated water-soluble feature enables its wide implementation in electroplating, papermaking, cohesion agent, paints, fiber and water-treatment. MDG serial products ha completed molecular weight and high purity. Its rigid quality system ensures our provision of high quality products to our distinguished customers.
F-53 F-53

The addition of chromium mist inhibitor into the chromium bath would never affect the bath. Conversely, it remarkably increases the microcrack of chromium deposit, and elevates the hardness of chromium deposit and enhances the cohesion.
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