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1. PPS is strong leveling agent for bright nickel plating which has to be used in combination with alkynol, ethers or their derivatives to produce coherent effects, making the coating smooth and shining.
2. PPS has high purity and reduces decomposed products. It also has good leveling power in HCD areas.
3. PPS has a wide dosage range. However, excessive amount may produce brittle plating layers.

1. PPSOH is a good nickel plating intermediate which has good leveling power in middle and low current density areas as PPS.
2. PPSOH also has an outstanding LCD throwing power, which should be used in combination with BEO, PME, PESS, MOSS, saccharin or auxiliary brighteners.

1. MOSS has strong throwing power and makes bright white nickel deposit.
2. It fits into rolling barrel plating agent or nickel plating agent for deep-hole plating.
3. Combining MOSS with saccharin, alkynol, PPS or PVSS, you may get highly leveled bright white deposit.

1. PESS is strong nickel plating throwing agent which is always used as fundamental material to make brighteners
2. It is used to make rolling barrel nickel plating brighteners or deep-hole nickel plating agent, which has to be used in combination with saccharin, alkynol, or PPS to produce highly leveled and bright deposit.

1. In acid nickel plating bath, if the copper ion >10mg/L and zinc ion>20mg/L, dark-grey deposit will emerge in LCD areas, embrittlement increased, or even black stripes could be produced. Directing to this problem, electrolytic treatment is implemented to deal with the zinc ions, QT (copper-remover) is used to remove copper ion traditionally. However, the above mentioned method is too comprehensive and time-consuming, it may affect the production. TPP will alter the potential of copper impurity and zinc impurity, and subsides the impurities without electrolyzing or filtering the baths. Meanwhile, deposit brightness is increased, nickel yellow stains are eliminated, and covering power is improved. TPP is especially used for zinc alloy die-casting nickel plating bath to remove impurities.
2. Utilization method: dissolve 1kg solid TPP into 100kg deionized water and add 2-4ml/L into baths, it may remove copper 15mg/L and zinc 20mg/L.
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