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BSP is similar to SP. Because of the effect of benzene ring, BSP performs better in leveling.

1. AESS is a super throwing agent. 2. Adding AESS to baths effectively ameliorates the brightness and leveling at the LCD area. AESS also has certain wetting effect. 3. AESS should be used in combination with SP, M, GISS, N and P.

1. USS is a strong acid copper leveling agent which can effectively ameliorate the brightenss and leveling in LCD area. 2. It is always used in combination with GISS, P or N.

Being similar to POSS, ADSS also could resistant to strong acid and high temperature, and has a wide dosage range. When elevating the temperature of the solution, there is no plating leakage at the LCD area, nor will there be HCD roughness burning or haze.

1. Compared with conventional M and N, MESS performs better in water-solubility and leveling. If added too much, the bath solution won't be turbid, nor will pitting appear on layer surface 2. It has a wide dosage range and must be used in combination with some intermediates,
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