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SPS contains increased amount of SP. Replacing SP with SPS to be the acid copper plating brightener agent provides ornamental and functional plating layers. SPS could be combined with nonionic surface-active agent,amine compounds and other sulfenyl compounds which exist in typical copper plating formula. Also, it could be combined with dyes to better plating effects.

1. SP serves as grain refiner in acid copper baths. 2. SP will have distinct effects in conjunction with M, N, PN, GISS or AESS. 3. Too low concentration of SP in baths will course the loss of brightness and HCD roughness and burning; Too high concentration of SP in baths will result to hazy plating layer, and it may have negative effects on LCD area. This could be solved by adding a small amount of N or by electrolysis

1. HP serves as the grain refiner which is used in acid copper baths to supersede conventional SP. 2. Compared with SP, HP will result to brighter plating layer. It has a wide range of dosage and better effect at LCD area.Excessive dosage will not cause hazy plating layer. 3. By being used in combination with intermediates such as PN, GISS, MESS, N, P, HP will make the copper plating layer more bright and refined.
SH110 SH110

Its use is similar to SP. It differs from SP in that SH110 is the combination of grain refiner and leveling agent which is quite suitable for circuit board.
H1 H1

1. The uses of H1 are similar to M and N. It is always utilized in combination with SP, PN, P or GISS, and performs well in leveling.
2. If the content of H1 in baths is too low, the brightening and leveling features will decline. If it is too high, dendritic brightening stripes will appear. This could be solved by adding SP or electrolyzing the solution.
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